Treatment Options
Because your smile is unique to you, we create a highly personalized treatment plan designed to fit you. Our boutique approach to orthodontic care means Dr. Gi Gi provides one-on-one solutions for every patient. We offer a variety of comprehensive orthodontic solutions including Damon® Braces, Damon® Clear, Invisalign®, and standard braces.

Benefits of Orthodontic Care


A beautiful smile

We believe a smile opens a door to a new you and new possibilities. A beautifully straight smile increases self-esteem, confidence, and overall appearance. Not surprisingly, research also reveals that it may lead to greater opportunities and higher income levels.

lifelong oral health

Orthodontically corrected teeth lead to better lifelong oral health. Easier to clean and less prone to chipping and decay, properly aligned teeth also reduce the chance of gingivitis and gum disease.

Standard Braces

Conventional orthodontic treatment with standard braces (clear or metal) offers the most comprehensive approach to treating complex issues ranging from crooked teeth to jaw and bite concerns. Dr. Gi Gi’s highly personal and clinically precise approach throughout the orthodontic journey produces a beautiful, lasting smile for both children and adults.
Damon Smile, More than straight teeth.


We are pleased to offer our patients Damon® Braces and Damon® Clear. These self-ligating braces allow your teeth to move more comfortably and easily than traditional braces. With this approach, achieving your beautifully straight smile can be faster and easier than you ever thought possible!


Fluoride Treatment

Periodontal Treatment



Traditional braces use elastics resulting in a slower, less comfortable treatment process. The slide mechanism used by Damon® Braces permits teeth to adjust more rapidly and freely for a noticeably more comfortable orthodontic experience.
Invisalign® Logo


Invisalign® creates beautifully straight teeth without braces by using a series of removable, and comfortable aligners – invisible to your friends, family and coworkers! Because the aligners are removable, you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment. Plus, brushing and flossing are much easier. Invisalign® provides a quicker, less expensive straight-teeth solution.

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